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Configure the UI

For more information about configuring Okera, see The Configuration File.

Admins can change system settings for the Okera UI using the following UI configuration parameters.

  • CLUSTER_LABEL: a text label shown in the UI navigation section to indicate this cluster's purpose to end users.

  • UI_TIMEOUT_MS: the number of milliseconds (maximum 60000, or 60 seconds) the UI waits before canceling requests. The default is 30000 milliseconds (30 seconds). If pages in the Okera UI show timeout errors during basic interactions, you might want to increase the UI timeout. Set the UI_TIMEOUT_MS configuration parameter to a higher number, for example 60000 (1 minute).

    Note: Increasing the UI timeout may not always work as desired: if a request is bound to take a long time, end users will simply have to wait longer before seeing the timeout error.

  • BLOCK_WEB_UI_FOR_MOBILE_CLIENTS: blocks access to the Okera UI on mobile devices and tablets. Valid values for this parameter are true (the UI is blocked on mobile devices and tablets) and false (the UI is not blocked on mobile devices and tablets). The default is false.

After modifying these settings in the Okera configuration YAML file (values.yaml), update the Okera configuration using the Okera Helm chart. See Update a Helm-Deployed Cluster.