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Tag FAQs

What Does the admin Tag Mean?

Depending on your permissions, you may see a grey admin tag on your databases and datasets. This tag indicates that Okera admins have ALL privileges on this data object. In other words, admins have full and unrestricted access to this data object and any of its descendants.

Admin Tag

Admins can see all data marked with this tag.

How do I delete a namespace?

You cannot delete a namespace that has tags inside it. A namespace will automatically be removed when there are no associated tags.

Can I move a tag from one namespace to another?

This is not yet supported. Instead, you can delete the tag from the original namespace and recreate it in the new namespace. Note that all assignments of the original tag are removed and you need to reassign the new tag on any objects that had it previously.

Can I update the name of a tag?

This is not yet supported.

Are tags case-sensitive?

No, tags are case-insensitive. This means that if you try to create a tag with capitalization, it will automatically be normalized and stored in lowercase. Case-sensitive tags are not currently supported.

Do tags only cascade if assigned through the UI?

No, the tag cascade behavior is consistent regardless of the tool used to assign or remove tags (the Okera UI, DDL, or PyOkera).

My tag did not cascade down to the view

There are certain scenarios where tags do not cascade, such as if the view contains aggregations or if the view lineage is not present. These are described in Tag inheritance.