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List and Review Unstructured Data URIs ( Preview Feature)

Unstructured data URIs that have been registered in Okera are listed on the Files tab of the Data page.

The list shows the following information:

  • The URI
  • Any tags assigned the URI
  • Any roles for which permissions for the URI have been assigned. This includes roles with permissions for the URI itself, any of the URI's parent folders, as well as any permissions for the catalog that pertain to the URI.
  • A single action to remove the URI from Okera.

The list of URIs is paginated. A maximum 15 URIs are listed on a page. Use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the page to scroll through the list.

For more information about a URI, select its name in the list. Detail information appears about the URI on the Files page for the selected URI.

URI details

The URI, the date it was registered to Okera, the date it was last updated, and any tags assigned it are shown at the top of the Files page. Admins or users with certain permissions can edit the tags.