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List and Review Databases

Databases are listed on the Databases tab of the Data page. This tab can be accessed by selecting Data in the Okera menu.

Data page

When the Databases tab first displays, a list of all the databases to which you have access is shown. For each database, the database name, an optional description, the number of datasets and views within it, and any tags assigned the database are listed.

The list of databases is paginated. A maximum of 15 databases are listed on a page. Use the Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of the page to scroll through the list.

Database Row

Select a database name to obtain more information about it. The database's information page appears. (To return to the main Data page, select Databases in the header or Data in the menu.)

Database Info

The database description and any tags assigned it are shown at the top of the database information page. Admins or users with certain permissions can edit this information.

  • The Datasets tab lists all the datasets and views contained in the database. Only datasets and views to which you have access are shown.

  • The Permissions tab lists all the roles that have been granted access to this database. You can learn more about these permissions in Manage Data Permissions. Only admins or users with the ability to grant access to this database can see the Permissions tab.

  • The Details tab shows additional information about the database, such as its location and creator.

  • The User Inactivity Analysis tab provides user inactivity information for the database. See User Inactivity Analysis.