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Built-In Functions

Okera ships with many built-in functions that provide more elaborate functionality from relational database systems. If these are not sufficient for a particular use case, extend Okera using user-defined functions.

Note: For many functions, the argument types or those inferred from expressions (for example, 10 * 10 is inferred as SMALLINT) must match. Some relational database management systems apply implicit casting rules to align non-matching types, but Okera does not do that.

Run the following SQL command in the Okera UI to list the built-in functions shipped with Okera:

SHOW FUNCTIONS IN _okera_builtins;

Example: Use the Okera UI to list all built-in functions

Workspace in the Okera UI

The output includes the data types for both the arguments and the return value. Some SQL constructs are not part of this list.

Note: Okera does not support the Hive INPUT__FILE__NAME virtual column function.

Built-in functions shipped with Okera are grouped below, by category: