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Create a Tag

You can create tags using the UI or Okera SQL commands. You can also import tags from templates provided by Okera.

Using the UI

To create a new tag using the UI, complete these steps.

  1. Select Tags on the UI side menu and then select the button. Alternatively, you can select the button on the Call-to-Action Home page in the Tags section.

    The Create or import tags dialog appears.

    Create or import a tag

  2. Select one of the options on the Create or import tags dialog.

    • Select Create a tag to create your own tag. If you select this option, continue with these steps.

    • Select Import from a template to import a tag or set of tags from a tag namespace template provided by Okera. Complete the instructions provided in Import Tags.

  3. Assuming you selected Create a tag in the previous step, the Create new tag dialog appears.

    Create a new tag

  4. In the Namespace field, select an existing namespace from the drop-down list or create a new one. To create a new one, simply type in the namespace name (up to a maximum of 255 characters) and select the Create option that appears below the namespace entry box. A namespace acts as a category for grouping similar tags. For example, tags associated with security might be grouped under a namespace called Security.

  5. After specifying the namespace name, enter the name of your new tag (up to a maximum of 255 characters) in the Tag field and select . The new tag appears in your list of existing tags under the selected namespace.

    Create a tag

Using Okera SQL Commands

To create a new tag using Okera SQL, access the Workspace page and enter:

CREATE ATTRIBUTE [IF NOT EXISTS] <namespace.tag_name>;

Note: Tags are case-insensitive. This means that if you try to create a tag with capitalization, it will automatically be normalized and stored in lowercase. Case-sensitive tags are not currently supported.