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Delete Unstructured Data URIs ( Preview Feature)

When you remove unstructured data in Okera, you are not deleting the data; you are simply dropping the URI from Okera. To drop a URI from Okera, you must delete all of its roles and tags.

Note: When you remove unstructured data, the permissions defined for that URI in an Okera policy are not deleted.

Using the UI

To remove unstructured data using the UI:

  1. Log into the Okera UI as a user with permissions to manage unstructured data.

  2. Select Data on the UI side menu to access the Data page.

  3. Select the Files tab to see a list of the unstructured data URIs registered with Okera.

  4. Locate and select the URI in the list that you want to remove. The list of roles with permissions for the URI is listed.

  5. Select the button above the URI's permission list on the right. The URI is removed from and no longer registered with Okera.