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Register new data

After setting up your new sales organization, you may want to protect additional data for additional areas within your organization such as for the Marketing team or HR. During this section of the tutorial, we will walk through how to onboard new data so that you can grant access and protect data for multiple use cases.

What are crawlers?

A crawler automatically connects to your data source and pulls any discovered datasets into Okera.

Database Creation

  1. Navigate to the Data page and select create a new database.

  2. Create your new database called hr and add any description relevant to your downstream users.

    hr database created

  3. Select "Go to Registration" to begin the crawler creation process

Crawler Creation

  1. Once you have been prompted to to an empty registration page that has no crawlers.

  2. Select ‘Register data’ to open to the Crawler Creator modal.

  3. Type the S3 bucket link where the HR data is stored (s3://okera-lake/hr) and the crawler name hr_crawler”**` as shown below.

    Create Crawler modal

  4. After you’ve created the crawler you will be taken to the Registration page. Once the status of the crawler changes to “Complete” select the crawler to view any unregistered data that the crawler discovered.

crawling status

Data Registration

  1. As you can see the crawler discovered one unregistered dataset from the crawler path we specified. Select hr from the database dropdown, check the register box, and select ‘Register tables’ to add the new dataset to the hr database you just created.

    register data

  2. Navigate to the hr database and you will see that your new database now has the hr dataset in it and you are ready to begin granting access to your team and creating access conditions to protect your data.

data registed successfully