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View Connection Details

To view connection details, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into the Okera UI as a user with permissions to view connections. See Who Can Manage Connections.

  2. Select Connections in the side menu to access the Connections page. The connections are listed.

  3. Locate the connection you want in the list. Read Filter and Search for a Connection for more information about limiting the list.

  4. Select the connection. Details about the connection appear on two tabs: Connection Details and Registered Datasets. The Connection Details tab shows details about the connection. The Registered Datasets tab lists the datasets from the connection that have been registered in Okera. If the connection supports policy synchronization, a Synchronization Details tab also appears.

You can edit or delete a connection from the connection details page. Select to edit the connection or to delete it. See Edit a Connection and Delete a Connection. If the connection supports policy synchronization, you can synchronize the connection by selecting . See Synchronize an Okera Snowflake Connection Manually.

You can also view the SQL used to create the connection. Select . While viewing the SQL, you can copy it to the clipboard and run it manually in the Workspace or another SQL editor.