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Unstructured Data Support in the UI ( Preview Feature)

Using OkeraEnsemble and the Okera UI, you can register your unstructured data and apply Okera's fine-grained access controls to it. Unstructured data includes data stored in directories and files that cannot be mapped in a tabular structure, such as a library of images (for example, medical X-rays) or an individual video or sound file. For information about OkeraEnsemble and how it can be deployed, see OkeraEnsemble Deployment on Amazon S3.

When registering unstructured data in Okera, you supply the fully qualified path (URI) for the file or directory and you apply at least one tag to it. After it is registered and tagged, you can create permissions for the URI and use the tags to apply Okera's fine-grained access control for the URI to the role specified in the permission.

Using the UI, you can manage Okera unstructured data in the following ways:

Note: You must be logged in as an Okera administrator to register and use unstructured data URIs in the UI.