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Explore the catalog

Before making changes to access for various roles and users in your organization, in this section you will walk through what data is currently available in Okera and how you might want to protect it accordingly.

Okera’s catalog is the collection of technical metadata for the data you wish to protect with Okera’s access policies. Okera supports many different sources for data including cloud-object storage (e.g. S3, ADLS, GS), data warehouses (e.g. Snowflake, AWS Redshift) and relational databases (e.g. Postgres).

You can also integrate an existing hive-metastore, or connect to AWS Glue. Each user who views the catalog only ever sees the data that they have access to as per their permissions.

Some key terms you need to understand for Okera’s catalog:

Term Description
Database Logical or virtual collection of datasets inside the Okera catalog.
These are analogous to ‘schemas’ in some relational databases.
Dataset A table or view registered in Okera’s catalog.
Schema Column definition for a dataset.
  1. Login to your Okera trial environment as the admin user. The password has been sent you in your intro email.
  2. Click on Explore my data catalog on the home page or Data in the left-hand menu to see the catalog of registered datasets in Okera. Your trial comes with some sample databases.

    Okera Data Page

  3. Click on the sales database. You will see two tables:

    • Transactions table that records global sales transactions.
    • Customer_contact_details table that contains the sensitive information for each customer contact.
  4. You can click the eye icon to preview the data inside these tables.

    Okera Data preview

Next Step

Learn how to grant access to data via permissions