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Limitations and Case Considerations

The following limitations exist for Okera's policy synchronization:

  • The use of mixed case in Snowflake object names is not supported at this time. For example, a database named Sales_Database is not supported. However SALES_DATABASE and sales_database are supported.
  • The use of lowercase in Snowflake column names is not supported at this time. For example, columns named zipcode or Zipcode (mixed case) are not supported. Only ZIPCODE is supported.
  • The following characters are not supported in Snowflake object names at this time: comma(,), backtick(`), leading spaces, or trailing spaces.

Pay special attention to the case and special characters you use when setting up Snowflake policy synchronization. Make sure the case of a Snowflake object matches the case used in your Snowflake environment. Snowflake usually uses uppercase characters for all its object names.