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Delete a Tag

You can delete a tag using the UI or Okera SQL commands.

Using the UI

To delete a tag using the UI, complete these steps.

  1. Select Tags on the UI side menu to access the Tags page and then locate the tag you wish to delete in the list.

  2. Select the tag you wish to delete on the Tags page. The tag details appear to the right.

  3. Then select the button in the upper right corner of the tag details.

    Delete a tag

    A dialog prompting you to confirm the deletion appears. Select to permanently delete a tag.

    Delete modal

Deleting a tag permanently deletes all instances of this tag from your data and will void any policies on this tag.

Note: Deleting tags can affect data security and discoverability.

Using DDL

To delete a tag using the DDL, access the Workspace page and enter:

DROP ATTRIBUTE [IF EXISTS] <namespace.tag>;