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System Information Page

Select System from the left-side UI menu to access the System Information page. This page displays the following information about your Okera cluster:

Note: Some of this information is not available if you are using an Okera SaaS tenant.

  • UI version
  • Okera Policy Engine (planner) version
  • Okera Policy Engine (planner) host/port
  • Presto endpoint
  • REST API endpoint
  • JDBC URL (You can download the Okera Presto JDBC driver by selecting the Download JDBC driver link.)
  • build hash
  • A list of allowed data sources
  • A list of available authentication methods
  • Links for the Policy Engines (planners)
  • Links for the Enforcement Fleet workers
  • the number of active users
  • the number of active users in the last 30 days.

In addition, at the bottom of the page, settings specific to your Okera environment are shown in the Settings section. These settings are mostly for Okera internal use and should not be altered. If you are using an Okera SaaS tenant, these settings are not available to you.


Okera does not recommend that you alter these settings except with the guidance of your Okera support representative. Changing the settings could result in non-optimal performance of the Okera platform.