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Data Page

The Data page lets you browse, filter, and take actions on structured data (databases, datasets, and views) and unstructured data (files and URIs) registered to Okera. Only data objects for which you have access appear on this page.

Admins and users with certain permissions can also create databases, register structured (datasets) and unstructured data (files or URIs), create internal views, edit the metadata, and manage access to to the data using this page.

The Data page has two tabs: Databases and Files. The Databases tab lists the databases created in Okera in which your structured data is registered. The Files tab lists the unstructured data (file URIs) you have registered in Okera.

You can review user inactivity for databases and datasets using the User Inactivity Analysis tab.

Okera Data Page

For detailed information on the actions you can take on the Data page, see the following sections: