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Rerun a Crawler

You can rerun a crawler at any time.

To rerun a crawler:

  1. Log into the Okera UI as a user with permissions to run crawlers. See Who Has Access to Crawlers.

  2. Select Register on the side menu to access the Registration page. All the crawlers created in the Okera environment are listed.

  3. Locate the crawler you want to rerun. See Filter and Search for a Crawler for information on limiting the list.

  4. Select for the crawler on the far right side of the crawler line on the Registration page.

    You can also rerun a crawler after you select the crawler on the Registration page. Simply select on the page for the selected crawler.

If you delete a dataset that was previously discovered by the crawler and registered to an Okera database, that dataset reappears as an unregistered dataset after rerunning the crawl. In addition, any new datasets discovered in the crawl are added.