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Understand Schemas

Dataset and view schemas can be viewed on the Databases page. Select the database in which they are stored, then select the dataset or view within the database, and finally, select the Schema tab.

The column names in the data are listed on the Schema tab for a dataset or view. Each column’s type, any tags assigned the column, and an optional comment are also listed. Admins or users with certain permissions can tag columns and edit comments. To learn more about this, see Edit Dataset Metadata.

Column Access

The Access column on the far right of the schema indicates whether you have access to a column. A green checkmark in this column indicates that you have access to this column while a lock icon indicates that you do not.

Column Access Indicators

Columns for which you do not have access will not appear when you preview the dataset. For more details about previewing, see Preview Datasets.

Partitioned Columns

A column name with a grey background indicates that this column is a partitioning column.

Partitioned Column Indicators

Complex Types

Complex types appear as STRUCT in the Type column of the Schema tab.

Complex Type Indicators