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Connecting to Okera via ODBC/JDBC Clients

This document outlines how to connect to Okera's Presto endpoint via JDBC or ODBC. For client specific documentation click on specific tool's documentation page e.g Connecting to Tableau.

In general to connect to Okera via JDBC or ODBC you will need:

  • A Presto JDBC or ODBC driver.
  • SSL enabled
  • Okera's Presto endpoint Host/Port

Downloading a Presto JDBC or ODBC driver

Consult your client tool documentation to get the right JDBC or ODBC driver. For example, the Tableau driver is available here. The Simba Presto ODBC driver is available here and can be used for PowerBI. Okera also provides the JDBC driver JAR for download.

Enabling SSL

You must also enable SSL for this JDBC endpoint to work. Using SSL relies on digital certificate to work. For ease of implementation, ODAS will implement a self-signed, wildcard certificate for the cluster if one is not already in place. Consult your client tool documentation for any settings you need to:

  • Enable SSL
  • Allow self-signed certificates
  • Allow common name (CN) and hostname mismatches

Okera's Presto Endpoint

The default port for Okera's Presto endpoint is 14050. You can also find the Okera Presto host/port in the Okera UI by clicking the System page.

Note The catalog name when connecting to Okera is okera.

Tool-Specific Instructions

Continue reading this section for more specific instructions on how to connect to Okera's Presto endpoint from your favorite SQL tool.