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SaaS Deployments

Okera can be deployed as a SaaS tenant. Some Okera functionality may not be available as a SaaS tenant. For example, you can only connect to Snowflake data stores using Okera's policy synchronization enforcement. Where appropriate in this documentation, SaaS limitations are described.

Okera SaaS User Management

If you are an Okera SaaS tenant account admin, you can manage the other users of the SaaS tenant. If you are an Okera SaaS tenant admin, the management dialog looks like this, with menu options on the left:

Frontegg user management

If you do not have admin privileges, only the top two menu options are available, Profile and Privacy & Security. If you are an admin, all of the Workspace options are shown.

  • The Profile and Privacy & Security options allow all users to access their user profiles and change their passwords.

  • The Workspace options allow admins to specify account information, add and remove users from the SaaS tenant, and set up security and single sign-on (SSO) for the tenant. For complete information about using this dialog, see this documentation.

View Your SaaS User Profile

If your Okera environment has been deployed as a SaaS tenant, you can access your SaaS user profile. To access it, select your username at the bottom of the Okera UI navigation menu and select Open user profile. A dialog opens on which you can view your Okera SaaS user profile and other options. (If you are not using an Okera SaaS tenant, you will not see this option.) For more information, see Okera SaaS User Management.