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Custom JDBC Source Support

Starting from 2.1.0, Okera provides the ability to specify custom JDBC drivers. Users can specify the driver.jar.path and properties. Okera will try to download the jars on the fly for the first time from the valid driver.jar.path. This path/file, if in s3, should have appropriate IAM credentials for Okera to connect and download the file. For any other https:// path this file should be downloadable.


This does not guarantee that Okera would support arbitrary JDBC drivers. The data type mapping can be undefined due to Okera not certifying those JDBC drivers. For example, Okera has certified that Oracle JDBC driver used as a custom driver is fully supported and documented for limitations and data type mapping.

Example To add a custom driver (MariaDB JDBC driver in this example)

  ''='<database to connect to>',
  ''='<schema to connect to, if required>',