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Delete a Connection


Dropping a connection impacts the ability to access any tables or crawlers registered from that connection. Therefore, connections can only be dropped if there are no associated tables or crawlers.

To delete a connection using the Okera UI, complete the following steps.

Note: In a SaaS environment, you can only delete connections for data sources supported by your SaaS tenant.

  1. Log into the Okera UI as a user with permissions to delete connections. See Who Can Manage Connections.

  2. Select Connections in the side menu to access the Connections page.

  3. Locate and select the connection you want to delete on the Connections page. See List Connections and Filter and Search for a Connection.

  4. Select on the connection details page for the connection.

    Delete connection

    If you see the error below, but there are no registered datasets in that connection, ensure you have dropped all associated crawlers from that connection.

    Delete connection error

    You can search for your connection name on the Registration page to quickly find all associated crawlers.

    Search crawlers for connection name

    If there are no crawlers for the connection, the following dialog appears, asking you to confirm the deletion of the connection.

    Verify connection deletion

    Select to delete the connection.