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PostgreSQL Data Source Connections

You can use any supported version of Aurora PosgreSQL with Okera. Okera has tested its PostgreSQL support using the following PostgreSQL versions: 9.5.25, 9.6.22, 10.14, 11.2, and 12.7.

Here is a programmatic example of a PostgreSQL connection.

  'host'='<A cloud url or host accessible from the application>',
  'port'='<Port to connect to the DB, typically 5432>',

Note: sslrootcert is required if ssl is set to true

Enable Query Pushdown

To enable transparent query pushdown, add postgresql to the list of enabled engines in the OKERA_CTE_REWRITE_ENABLED_ENGINES configuration setting. Multiple engines can be enabled (in addition to the ones enabled by default) by providing them as comma-separated values in this configuration setting.

For example:

OKERA_CTE_REWRITE_ENABLED_ENGINES: dremio:direct,redshift,postgresql