Okera Service Port Assignments

Okera leverages Kubernetes for cluster creation and port management. The following document outlines the expected port assignments. For more about advanced networking operations, see Advanced Installation Options.

Port Usage Access Configurable
443 Kubernetes Master Communication internal No
5000-13050 Kubernetes Dynamic Range external Yes
5000 ODAS REST Server external Yes
6443 Kubernetes API Server internal No
6783 Kubernetes Weave internal No
11050 Okera Planner Web UI external Yes
10001 Kubernetes Web UI external Yes
10000 Grafana Dashboard UI external Yes
8083 Okera Web UI external Yes
8085 Okera Master Host internal No
9098 Okera Canary internal Yes
11060 Sentry internal Yes
11061 Okera HMS internal Yes
12050 Planner external Yes
13050 Okera Worker external Yes