Permissions Lookup

The Permissions page enables ready review of the permissions on any Okera database or dataset. You can easily understand whether or not you have access to it, and find out what groups can give you access.

Okera Permissions page

Note You can look up any database name, even if it’s not automatically listed in the dropdown. Simply type the database name and select the “Create option…”. The databases in the dropdown are ones you already have some level of access to.

Okera Lookup Database

Use the database and dataset input boxes to look up any object. If you have access to the specified object, you will see this information:

Access Summary
Overview indicates whether you have access, what level of access, and if you can grant or not. To understand the privilege levels please see Privileges.

Dataset Details Tab
If you have access to the specified dataset, you will see the dataset details information here for easy access.

Groups Tab
If you have access, this tab shows the list of groups that are responsible for your access to the specified database or dataset.

Database Tab
Shows your access relative to the specified database. If you only have access to specific datasets inside that database, it will show you a list of these.

Clicking on one of these datasets then shows the list of groups responsible for access to that specified database or dataset.

Permissions Tab
Shows the full list of groups that have any level of access to the specified database or dataset. Any group not in the available list has no access to the specified database or dataset.

Attribute Expressions
In any detail section for groups providing access, if some attributes are granting access per Attribute Based Access Control, you will see those expressions listed alongside the role specified in the grant:

Okera Attribute Permissions

Tip: If you’re an Admin, you are able to look up any user’s or group’s access on an object, see Okera Portal for Admins.