Builtin Functions

ODAS ships with many built-in functions that provide the more elaborate functionality known from relational database systems. If these are lacking something that is needed for a particular use-case, you can extend ODAS with user-defined functions. The next subsections group the functions shipped with ODAS into their categories.

Note: For a lot of the functions, the given types of arguments or those inferred from expressions (for example, 10 * 10 is inferred as SMALLINT) has to match. Some RDBMSs apply implicit casting rules to align non-matching types, but ODAS does not do that.

You can always list the set of built-in functions by running the following SQL command in the ODAS WebUI:

SHOW FUNCTIONS IN _okera_builtins;

Example: Using the WebUI to list all builtin functions

Workspace in the ODAS WebUI

The output will include the data types for both the argument(s) and the return value. Note though that some SQL constructs are not part of this list.